In Mold Labeling Systems

We rank first in experience with In Mold Labeling Technology
Fully automated high speed systems for label inspection, label insertion into mold, part retrieval, counting, quality control, ready for manual packing or complete boxing.
Our complete tooling and automation solutions for In Mold Labeling (IML) applications are supported by our experience based on over 350 IML systems operating today, with the highest standard for accuracy of label placement, fast label insertion into the mold, product retrieval, counting, quality control, and stacking of product; ready for manual packaging or automated packaging in boxes.
Local support and spares for these systems are provided locally in the Americas
Complete systems for IML products can be integrated in Europe or locally to demonstrate cycle time, production uptime, and scrap rate. Training is offered prior to system shipment and start-up assistance and training can also be done at your molding facility.


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