Cap and Closures Molds

 *Leaders in mold design  engineering
* State-of-the-art mold manufacturing  facilities
Our technological background, innovative techniques as well as engineering and manufacturing capabilities produces caps and closure molds with the highest number of cavities, fast cycles, and consistent precision.
Unique unscrewing, bump-off and collapsing core designs are  proprietary techniques  that will increase  your  productivity and enhance the quality of your packaging and beverage closures , flip-top and standard caps with tamper-evident band  and  multi color and multi component caps and closures.
* Own Hot Runner Technology *Multi-Level Stack Mold Technology
* Modular Mold Systems for Fast   Product Change  
*Carbonated and
  non carbonated caps
* 28mm, 30/25mm, 38mm,  48mm
* Eatable oil closures * Pharmaceutical child proof  closures
*Flip top closure  

iml mold
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